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Jester was good yes jester was good

Hello you out yonder window, Elsa good luck with asking your parents if you are allowed back online, may the internet be with you, lol...now is the time to get down on all fours and really lick boot, I mean you have to give these glorious masters that are your parents what they want. So good luck to Elsa. As for today ir was sooo good, I was a great jester (no big head or anything) Sarah was that Princess from start wars (I don't know how to spell her name though) Kelly-Anne and Stacie were great pink ladies, Elsa was a wonderful goth/vampire/meow Tony was a great Goth, Becky was a teddy girl (or somethink like that) there was Shaft harry potter a nurse and much more, it was good loved it. The amount of smiles and laughs that I got were great though I loved it all *grins* someone honked their horn at me I feel violated...hehe...anyway must go as I have to ring Rowan...
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