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Ok enough is enough

Is there nothing that I can do right? It seems not, well I'm fed up with being some one that I'm not, I'm fed up with trying to get around things without hurting people...it just doesn't work like that...I try my hardest to please people but no that doesn't work either, and do they give a damn about how I'm feeling...no I don't think so...so enough is enough, I ain't gonna stop myself from being who I am just for the sake of some people. If you don't like me then you know what you can do. I've held back so much because I didn't want to hurt others and now I'm just gonna be me. Firstly is Chris, if you have noticed tht entry was a while ago so you know I may think differently now, considering we have been getting on well, but no you can go off on one if you like....yeah at one time I thought you were really freaky, but then I got to know you better, and you know what? You ain't that bad, and if you would have let me explain then maybe you would have known how I feel now...but no you can forget it now, cause I've had enough of people, so you go off on one and I'll stay here and be mr mean again. So now you know that I do actually like you but now you also know that it's too late. My journal is a place to write down feelings and thoughts, so I'm sorry for being human, but I've been really messed up lately for the past few months, but hey who gives a damn...

I just want to scream but there is no one there to hear me, only a few very good mates really take my feeling into consideration...and the favour will be repaid...

I'm sorry that I mess up, I'm sorry that I hurt people, I'm sorry that I'm only human, and I'm sorry that I'm not apologising anymore
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