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Hmm...I suppose I'll make it visiting day

Well today at work it was great, Linda (bless her) can't stand that horrible lavender (chemically enhanced) polish if you can call it that...so because I bought some nice polish not long ago she bought some to use in the control centre (it's too good to be used anywhere else, heh) and it smells of oranges. Not that fake orange smell but real oranges, I was like 'yay' it's made out of orange oil type stuff and all and it even has that citrus smell to it which is what oranges smell of. So as you can guess in a freaky sort of way I'm really happy about that...


Yeah so anyway today I phoned Kim, just to see if we were still going to Hanley on saturday and we are...it kinda worried me when she
said that she forgot that we were going. Also we may have to arrange it to some other time if Elsa wants to go still cause she's off on a last minute holiday at the moment...so yeah it wouldn't be the same without Elsa so we have to have her there with us, plus she might be able to take Sean too....so an even bigger YAY.

Tuesday is now my visiting day, every tuesday my Grandad goes to church and my nan is all on her lonesome, she's not like one of those biddies though so she always finds something to do, but I'm gonna go up and have a laugh with her every tuesday and fill her in on all the goss about the family...lol. Plus she is a really good cook...well that's all I'm gonna say for now...
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