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hooray fo family

Howdy y'all! I went shopping in Hanely on Saturday with Kim it was really good, although I never thought I'd say this but I can't wait till the sales are gone. I say this because they throw the clothes anywhere in the shop and you have to go through everything in order to find one thing...WHY? So anyway we ran round there for a while, I picked out this white (hear that Elsa I said white yes Kim brought white cause of me...in your face!!! Love you) top for Kim and her mom liked it, so that was a good find although it wasn't in the sale, but hey it looked good so that don't matter. Anyway I'm going back when the sales are off and it's less crowded and rushed. Also I'm going to go to different places to shop like Telford and Wolverhampton, also I'd like to go to Manchester and London so yay that will be good...see you soon Sean hehehe *grins evily*

Today we let the rabbit out in the garden and he loved it, but because the cage (we took the whole cage out) was on a slant the door kept shuttig by itself, so I held it open with a stick...but because my rabbit is my rabbit it ran into the stick, head first, the stick fell on him and then the cage door shut on him...and he did this twice...lol...bless the lil fuzzy ball he's so cute.

I went up to my nans today for a bit cause my cousin was comming down and I havn't seen her for a while, we arranged a sleep over at my nans, it's sort of a video thing as well so that should be really good. Also my nan had a drink today and she took the word vodka as an insult cause she thought we were mocking her so that pissed us off a bit but hey life goes on, we had a lil rant about it but we'll survive...anyhoo I'm gonna go and eat something in a minute so I gotta cut my entry short...

Oh I jut talked to my sisters friend (Roxanne) and I know that she likes me. I told her that when she comes round that she better ne good cause I will put her through a wall...hehe she's laughing now. Kathrin is bringing round 6 friends on Thursday so that should be fun cause my mom is at church in the morning which leaves me with 6 teenage wannabes...(I think some of them are teenagers now but hey like I pay attention)
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