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My mother (gotta love her) decided to get me up today, in the morningso that I could help her with some signs that she was doing for her church...I hope I didn't wake you Andrew...well no actually but it is besides the point, but I'm ok with that, lol. Plus she made me breakfast for the help, I feel all special now.
She kept telling me to slow down incase I break the computer, lol...she's new to all this, lol
I'm still recovering from the waltsers that me and my cousin went on, from the spinny thing to the waltsers, what were we thinking? Well what was I thinking anyway, I ook her on the second ride, hehe...she didn't have to follow...but they have nothing on the swan ride at alton towers...woah you wouldn't get me on that..

I'm supposed to be going to the castle today to watch jousting, put I have to pay...PAY??? To watch a couple of people knock each other off a horse with sticks...what is the world comming to? I could pull that off and do it for free, poor public (I'll end up going though just you watch)
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