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A uniform? Are you mad?

Well we had the new head talking to us today, what fun that was. He said that he would enforce a dress code, which is fair enough but I am not going to ponce around in black trousers and a nice white top, and do you think that Elsa would wear a nice black skirt to school with a white buttoned top, I just couldn't see it, Elsa is our lil goth, they are trying to make her look like she is an accountant, for special occasions then yes she could pull it off but not for school, come on people what are you thinking of?

I've already signed this sheet thing that says that we shouldn't have it (forgot how to spell the proper name) but that may just provoke him to give us a dress code. However if he did we would rebel, but in style, after all they would have me *grins* (not a word Rachel if you are reading this, lol) that reminds me I need to mail Rachel, fill her in on things etc etc, so I'll do that now, bye bye y'all
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