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Oh dear me

Well yesterday I went out with Rachael to see Elsa, Sean and Kim. We went to meet them at the forester (something like that) and I over heard Kim talking to Elsa, moaning about the fact that I invited Kelly-Anne and Stacie to come to alton towers with us. I can't see the problem, I said something to her, obviously I wasn't too best pleased. Considering it was my idea to go to alton towers and so far I've done all the inviting I think it would be fair for me to invite who I damn well want. All Kim has done is asked her Dad if he can get free tickets for the day. That's not a lot really, then she moans that everyone has left it to her, I don't think so I've done all the work thankyou very much. She invited Giles without consulting me, but I don't care cause he's a real nice guy, I have no problem with that, she can invite whoever she wants to. I think she's being really childish about it all, and I don't really care what she thinks about it cause i'm doing all the arranging. Which reminds me, what shall I wear? I have so much choice, it needs to be something that will dry quickly considering I'm going to be going on loads of water rides, it needs to be light weight and thin so I stay cool from the heat (which I'm hoping that we may have) also it has to be something summery, I don't want to wear any dark colours (all of my clothes suit me it's just choosing the right outfit for the right occasion, I think you know where I'm comming from here). Also should i wear a hat or style my hair? I mean the water will play havoc with it if i'm not too careful (may involve some seat swapping on the rapids to stay dry).

Ok well with those thoughts aside, last night was pretty good. It was fun watching Rachael and Joe flirt till the their hearts were content (poor Kev had Rachael taken from him, never mind I'm the runners up prize lol). Although I got really upset in the early hours (the flood of emotions really sobered me up) I was going to walk home but Kim asked her boyfriend to give me a lift, after some stubborn wrestling I finally agreed to let him give me a lift (oh Rachael slept at Joe's house, but we are to trust him, or so I've been told lol) anyhoo Kim took me to one side and had a chat with me about why I was upset, I gave her a brief explaination but nothing too deep I didn't really want to go into it. I know journals are for writing down this type of stuff but I don't feel the need to. She asked if I wanted to meet with her on saturday to talk but I said I would deal with it ... rather sweet of her really. Although I have other issues I wish to take up with her so a meet may not be so bad after all *grins*

On another up side Kim and Giles are getting on really well and he's treating her exceptionally well. Kim appears to be more and more confident around him everytime I see them together, I wish them all the best. She's blossoming into a proper woman ... my lil Kim is growing up *sobs*. Elsa and Sean are going strong still, which is the brilliant, Sean and I had a talk last night about him and Elsa, he's another lovely guy. He had a few issues but I hope I helped him lay them to rest ... which is the best place for them. I can see great things for these two in the future!!!
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