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Round two 'ding ding'

Bonjour y'all, I havn't been here for what seems like years. Wow it really has changed, I've missed so much. Well how have I been I hear you ask, well I've been absolutely great. Well apart from annoying some of my friends beyond belief (I am now building bridges though so I hope all will be fine). So much has happened in the past few months, I just can't go into it all cause I don't know where I would start or finish come to think of it. All in all it's been a good experience (had the odd hic-up but that's normal).
Anyway with the past few months now behind me I can move on to the next chapter of my life ... the interesting part hehe. I intend on finding myself someone to date as I am now officially bored of being single now ... and there's no point in being a slut ALL my life is there?
Oh Hazel had her baby 8lb 14ounces I think it was on thursday 9th at 00:47 (don't qoute me on that) and he's called Oliver Jay aww congratulations honey. Speaking of friends I really have to get in touch with Elsa, Steph Helena and Rachel cause I need to meet them all in the next few days cause I have cards and gifts etc to give out. Oh my cousin bought me a mini bottle of bailey's cause I've never tried it before, she says it's horrible but it looks so nice! She also got me the little book of drinking lol and I have a feeling that she got me a cd too, if she has it's either Il Divo or Gwen Stefani ... i'll be so happy with both as I want both anyway. Yay thanx vixen, also Fawn got me a gift too but I don't know what it is. She thinks that it may insult me so she had to clear it with my mom first lol. I don't insult easily really! Oh the reason why I feel so accomplished is because Fawn and I went to Telford to go shopping, I was deflating fast 'cause I couldn't find anything ... then out of the blue we found this real nice fcuk bag, I love it and so does she! We went crazy for it hehe, I'm so easily pleased you know!

Oh here are the plans after new year, you ready for this? I gotta go out and celebrate new year with my Vixen (I know it's late but shr's workin *sobs*) then I have to go out with the Wildebeests (I'm such an official member yay I'm Polecat) to celebrate the birth of my lil nephew. Oh yeah I'm an uncle now how cool is that? My bro made a baby with his girlfriend (as you do) and they called in Ashley George so yay to them. Then I'm going to go to Newcastle to celebrate again with Jo's family (brothers girlfriend) so yay! Then I have to go to Coventry to celebrate mine and my mates birthday yay, also my brothers girlfriends sister and here girlfriend want to take me out round stoke cause they wanna see if i'm gay or not lol ... strange I know. Also my bro is engaged so we are having a party for that too ... so I will be spending January drunk lol yay. No complaints from me! Well I gotta go now cause I'm all tired (busy me eh?).
To conclude my year I will say this 'we are but a pancake, stuck to the pan of life'

I know, so philosophical.
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