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College boy

Well hello again I havn't been here for a while, which can only be a good thing i suppose. Guess where I am at the minute, I am sat here at college, because i am now doing a btec national diploma in fashion yay me woo! I started that in September and I love it so far, the work is easy but that can only be expected seeing as it is the start of the course! There is so much to catch up on in my life but I really can't be bothered to tell you all that is going on to be honest with you! All you need to know is that all is well and geting better, new life, new friends and no more people trying to stand in my way, well they can but they will fail hahaha ... I have to say a big hello to Rie as she reminded me that I have a livejournal lol ... love you lots sweetie, also say hi to kat while i am here too! AND RAYE I LOVE YOU BABY ALMOST AS MUCH AS I LOVE ME xXx
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