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The heat is soooo bad

The heat in the last few days has been horrible...it's soo hot and everything...eew
I bought these new shades today...they are really cool, I love them, they are all blue with no frame, and well you would have to see them.
Also I spoke to David for the first time in ages after Hazel gave me his address, he got a bit annoyed but that is fine by me, I just stayed cool and let him be on his way, I'm not going to start an arguement with him, it's not worth it. He thinks that people 'like me' never change, well I'm about to prove him wrong, he doesn't know me now, and chances are that he will never know me again, but that's that done, he knows where I am if he's ready to talk about 'things'
Also I am meeting Rowan on Friday...finally, YAY. I have arranged a day to Hanley again, where I plan to spend all my money...hehe...Also I am adding another entry today but I'm blocking it so you have to either ask me nice or be a member to read it..
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