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She has left the building *sobs*

This is the end, work will no longer be fun..and why? Because Racheal has left (If you read this then tell me if your name is spelt wrong, I'm terrible with that name, lol) I gave her this address as you may have guessed, so hopefully she will leave a message. Work will just be sooo boring now that she has gone...who will mock Helen with me? lol...well I could always use Natalie...Helen the turkey lol, what was I thinking? Well I must dash cause I want to go visit nan...need to talk...
Peace out y'all
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Cleaning just won't be the same without me (ah the ego!) Well, at least now there's a chance of it actually being Done...or, not. And in those rare(!) occasions that you can't face 2 long hours of the job we all love to hate (apparently it happens, can't imagine why) i reckon the hoover on a stick would benefit greatly from the picture of the helen-turkey. Helen would love it!*
*This may be a lie.
However, it would certainly beat cleaning*
*This is not.

Anyway, i read some of your entries, you think Way too much for one so young. Its great, you should totally go to oxford, i don't think they even give you an interview without having major angst issues. But then my eyes went all funny cus it was about midnight, which is never a good look, (we had gone to the pub after the cinema, ohh, more on That in a sec) and i was too tired to reply, and majorly depressed as i had just remembered i had to get up at 6 (yes thats a.m. as in morning, very early ,still dark*, never seen by me time)
*well, not really, but it adds to the effect
Didn't see any bitchy rach comments so i can't really justify an insult back, *sighs* shame, i had some really great ones.

But i Did promise to tell you/ruin the plot of Pirates of the Caribbean so: (deep breath)
There this boy and then this girl does this thing and then a man that the boy doesnt know but really Should remember doesnt tell the boy this other thing and then this lady disappears and there is fighting and cannons and forks! oh, and pirates are in there somewhere, more of a bit-part really. Then they all live happily ever after.
There! now thats ruined it!

Anyway im off for a nap, did i mention some of us were up at 6?! *yawns*

oh yeah! and we did polar bears as part of our biology course, u should've said! i know Loads of crap- did you know they had black skin? and their fur is actually transparent with a hollow insulating cylinder down the center of the hair shaft which diffracts the light making it look white. Although in zoo's the hollow part can become colonized by algae making their coats green!

(its spelt Rachel, but i also answer to rach, rachy, bean, be-atch, lell and, on occasion; hey-lazy-arse*)
*dont even think about it.
Hey Rachel, rach, rachy, bean, be-atch and lell (and I didn't call you 'hey-lazy-arse' either)

Oh damn you, you lil pain, you ruined the plot now, I was soo looking forward to that too *sigh* never mind I shll just ruin the plot for piglets big movie...when i see it, we'll see who's laughing then...me hahahaha *coughs* damn it...

I can't believe that you were up at 6 in the morning? Does that exist? I don't recall seeing it, it makes me tired just thinking about it...

Oh I knew that about polar bears, did you also know that they are known as Ursus Maritimus? I love that name, but I'm not like one of those people who think they are an animal, or think they can speak that language, it just doesn't happen matey...This will sound strange but I had to research polar bears for english language. Oh that reminds me there is this dog called Dex and he is 7 cm tall AAWWW it's sooo cute and I want it...breathe...nope...*falls to floor and starts hyperventilating*............



Ok I'm back now...did you actuallt do anything at the morning job? Or did you run around with a duster waving it madly in the air? I love doing that..

Me? Issues? Wat are you on about? I don't have issues, it's the world that has issues I'm fine *twitch*

Ok just for you I will insult you..you...you...girl humph, your combined working time in your life is roughly 10 minutes and so's mine...so HA. Also..erm, you know that you are soo hard to insult when you are not in front of me...hehe...damn it...erm you look like Helen...ahh did I just say that? I'm soooooo sorry...*holds out present* please...

Oh I must dash now, I hope you reply to this cause I will cry for hours on end you know...also if you ever get the urge to mail me...you can have my top secret email address...you ready polaryn@hotmail.com how secret is that now? This is all your fault you know...bah

Speak to you soon

Andrew xXx


August 13 2003, 15:22:42 UTC 14 years ago

Yes fans and adoring public, it is i (again)
Just to clarify, i am not a bespectacled computer nerd with an obsessive-compulsive need to check the internet several times a day (i mean, findin the on switch is tricky. So many shiny buttons...) No! i am simply buying a digital camera off e-bay (this is as much an experiment in discovering the limit of my overdraft than anything else) But i am Guarding it. Loitering around my camera-to-be sending out menacing an intimidating vibes and the occasional i-will-bomb-your-house threat to anyone else trying to bid for it. I cannot lose! it is mine i tell you, mineee! ...

*embarrassed cough*

Anyway, "As I Was Saying, before i was interrupted by various Loud Sounds" (Eeyore's little book of gloom)
Ooh! (apologies for the sitting-on-a-pin-noises) my favourite ever quote comes from that book:
"We can't all, and some of us don't. That's all there is to it. I'm not complaining, but There It Is."

Speaking of books i'm reading a really good one for uni, its a modern day re-make of Darwin's 'Origin of Species', and i Totally dare you to recommend it to Helen. Not cus i think she would Like it (possibly a few years above her reading age- Meow!)but it would be SOOO fun to tell her to read a book called 'Almost Like a Whale'!

Neither of those things were what i was going to tell you. Firstly: I'M going to see Piglets Big Movie first- i already have the free child ticket from the happy meal had the other day, and as soon as i persuade my lil cuz that she wants to see it as much as i do then were going! Ha!
Secondly, i Did know that poar bears were Ursus Maritimus, but my favorite little critter of the moment has to be the Tardigrades, which are the water bears. They are so cute! They have 8 little stubby legs with little feather-like things on the end, which they use to kinda bumble around in the water, occasonally bumping in to somthing edible. Oh yeah, and did i mention they ae only 1mm long?- weeny! (bit of an evolutionary dead end!)
Hope cleaning was fun! Actually, who am i kidding? hope it was awful a always!
Will reply to your e-mail address next time so that others can't read my ramblings and get scared.
OH DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT...I have just wrote a really long reply to this, then because computers don't like me it decided to close down every single window including the one where I had writen a very long reply too...and you know what? I'm not a happy bunny...ARGH

I was laughing at you cause you work in the mornings and I don't but there seems no point in repeating myself now, so I'll only put in the important parts...ahem

1) I'm starting to save *faints*
2) Recover from that decision
3) I'm using the money to buy bigger things like a long leather coat and a new mobile
4) My second favourite animal is the pangolin because it has a long tongue like me and it has the cutest tail ever
5) I'm just going to rammble now...waah

Oh I went to see the pirate movie, and oh wasn't it good? With all the acting and the moldy people and the fleshy people and the fighting and the booms and the monkey...tune into to 'radio Andrew - The worlds original sexy beast' for the next installment of 'things about that film that I liked'...I have a total of 2 viewers and it reaches 1.5 people...so I don't see how that works...hmm

Oh and my friend who had a piercing (I don't really want to see it...lol) actually had down there done...if you know what I mean? *taps nose* ooh tap tap tap...

Well I hope that you are ok and that you will tell me in your next mail that you agree with everything that I am about to say...
1) Andrew is the original sexy beast
2) Everyone should choose me as the next world leader
3) Everyone should buy me gifts
and finall..
4) Everyone should insult Helen for no reason

Oh and I will ask her about the book...if she would like to read it...hehe...

Speak to you soon...