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Well what a day today has turned out to be. Firstly I ran out of hair gel ARGH, a mans worst nightmare. So I had to use some of my moms wet look stuff, ok but the hold is sooo bad it's scary.
Then I got into to school to be confused by Mr Thomas and his new sign in thing, it sounds easy but when you have a bad start it seems so complicated.
Then I go to see Miss Frankish about art and she was saying that I need to speak to Miss Elsemore which I have already done, then she said that she hasn't got time for it and walked off *hiss*
Then Elsa gives me this work to print out (thanx Elsa you are a star) and I trot off home to do it, I realise that I havn't got my key so I had to climb in through the window. When I got the computer all ready and everything I realise that I have left the work at school (damn it) so I go all the way back then realise that I didn't pick up my key so I have to climb in through the window again. This time though I stood on this pipe thing and it broke (ARGH) so I pushed it back together and used a chair to help me. I print off all the work except that publisher decided to play up and not print anything *sigh*

Good start huh? So all was fine till I get on the bus to psychology, then I get told that I needed the relationship work and what did I pick up? My coursework, the very work that I forgot to take in the day before. It gets better cause I then find out that if I want to resit anything I have to hand in this form by today, TODAY??? So then me and Emma went on a frantic chase round the school after Mrs Gibbs. Then Miss Elsemore told us that they havn't got to be in by today, crisis averted. So I sat in the common room not able to leave (Mr Thomas' new thing) until 3:20 so Kelly-Anne and I play ping pong yay, then we were gonna play with the sticky pads and ball but the ball was missing. So I went to the shop to ask if they sold tennis balls or 'the sticky pad things with the tennis balls' as I called them. I ended up at my nans to get one but we didn't feel like playing by then...

Oh but the highlight was that I have a new pencil case, I now have a lamb as well as a leopard. So I am going to dress up my lamb as a trendy ass and everything..also Gail and Jackie gave me a sweety and a lollipop YAY, oh and I went to visit my nan and she has the best cheese ever, plus she's a great laugh and she was telling me about how much she is learing on her new computer...she can switch it on and play card games...they were giving them away for free at the college so she got in the queue and had one, she just dropped all her work and got in a queue to get a free computer...lol
Go nan go nan
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