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Back already?

You know I expected it to be much longer before I ever got back on here...to be honest I completely forgot about my livejournal...I know it's a bad thing.

Last night I went to Jamie's house for a bbq, well that didn't get very far. For starters there was only a small bbq which wasn't a problem seeing as everyone was drunk anyway, especially me, Racael and Kevin. We didn't know Kevin until last night but he's a lovely guy, really cute too and we were suggesting a threesome all night. Of course we never actually got round to it seeing as we were drunk (again). I'd love to turn up to a social gathering with alcohol and not get drunk, I've done it twice in my whole life so it's a start, better than nothing. I also met Kim's new boyfriend (this is the second boyfriend that she has had from the surgery, I'm not going to speak about the first one though) her new boyfriend seemed nice, but I'm not going to go into judgement just yet. It was a fun night though, I ended up sleeping on the floor next to Kevin, Rachael slept on the sofa with Joe and Deta slept on the other sofa. Graham walked home to Gnosal which wasn't the most intelligent thing to have done, earlier that night I got excited when I saw him cause I thought he was the Jolly Green Giant, boy was I upset when I found out that he wasn't. Adam slept in a double bed by him self and Kim shared the main living room with Giles (goodness know what they got up to and to be honest I don't think I want to know either). On another exciting note Helena put in an appearance with Simon, Nathan and Tony (Tony was so drunk) I decided that I needed to pull Helena around the house to show her people and things, like Kevin who has an alter-ego called Jessica who sleeps with everyone, don't we all really have a Jessica inside us all? I can't really remember much else about the night which is obviously a good thing, although I can remember going into the toilet with Kevin so I could wait for him to pee and he wait for me...I was sat on the bath looking at a beer can wondering how it got there, it never crossed my mind that someone could have put it there but I suppose you just don't think of these things when you are drunk.

Elsa turned up which was great but she wasn't feeling too good so she left early, Kim didn't really seem bothered at the time that she was leaving, until we pointed out that she was going Kim patted Elsa on the back and said see you later in a way in which she sounded that she didn't really care.

I just wonder if this is the start of Kim putting her man in front of her best friends ... all the time!
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